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Life’s A Jungle is an adventure game, taking you on a jungle journey to find
hidden messages that reveal where you are spiritually in life. Life's A Jungle
was designed for the purpose to engage users regarding their beliefs and to
inform them of their spiritual condition, eventually leading them to a
Biblical saving faith in Christ Jesus.

Content for Life’s A Jungle is by Elmer Murdoch, Step Up To Life Ministries, along with research and writing contributions by Luke Isaacson and Taylor Foster. Editing and proofreading by the Step Up To Life board members and supportive volunteers.

The Dotzler Creative Arts team of talented artists, designers and illustrators working together on this endeavor include Jan Dotzler, Todd Eby, Nicole White, Dylan Ludwick, Chris Driver, Sarah Pfeiffer, Samantha Thomas, Olivia Fries, Emmily Petersen, Kristen Hoffman, Melanie Koraleski and Tim Grutsch. Creative director and producer Ray Dotzler with creative and technical direction from Paul Straatmann and the programmers at Agape Red. Many sound effects used are from

© 2014. All rights reserved. No copying or any portions of Life’s A Jungle may be used without the written permission of Step Up To Life Ministries.

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